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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 17, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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old when she was killed in april of 2001. >> kurtis: dna confirms that precious doe is in fact erica green. >> now we have a face. now we know who she is. >> kurtis: after four years of prayers and vigils, justice is finally within reach, and kansas city can remember and celebrate the little girl called precious doe, who now has a name. >> now we can come up with a headstone that erica michelle marie green. may 15, 1997 to april 28, 2001." [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> a undercover sting busts busineses in sonoma valley selling alcohol to minors. round table pizza, hop monk tavern and pizzeria capri were all an underage decoy. employees who gave alcohol to the minors, and the referred to the department of alcohol beverage control for administrative license
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violations. >> othe search is on for a new pope. why some bay area church the u.s. requires something short of a miracle. >> rainfall huryour full forecast with a big up.
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the ab the above bonn' the abot
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>> >> bob >a convicted rapist is behind bars after fleeing to20-year old spencer scarber was arrested by mexican thursday on suspicion of identification. scarber has been wanted since fleeing fresno county three days before he was convicted of rape. robbery. and burglary charges. his father kyle scarber. an along with his mother and sister were arrested on saturday for allegedly helping scarber escape. *supporting accused cop demonstrated in front of an l-a police department. the protesters said, saturday, they didn't agree with dorner's actions, but brutality and corruption. some say they believe in the l-a-p-d. others accused police of acting as "judge, jury, and executioner" by killing dorner. he's accused of killing four people, citing his motive as revenge for his dismisal by the l-a-p-d. family and friends are gathering together to remember those lost in the rhode island ten years ago. the ten year anniversary of the fire falls on wednesday. pyrotechnics ignited the club's soundproofing foam during a rock concert. hundreds more were hurt. the station fire memorial foundation revealed plans for a permanent memorial at the sight where the clubthey hope to break ground on the project this year.
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a eighth a >> boa i do not think that it is going to clear quite that much. with some breaks of sunshine, a great back skies. at a possibly 20-30 m.p.h. with great bac gray skies and the leading edge and notice some specks of green
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and a slight change what day, look for the clouds to increase with a little bit of a break. the first bay at at the second to bail out. by 4:00 a.m., but look at that. states, some-steady. cold air and even some with event highway no. 17. for the evening hour tueay night force of evening
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hours. the highs for the afternoon will be a lot cooler. and much better than what we saw today with mid- 50s. here is your kron 4 7 day around the bay it mostly sunny day tabs to the low mid '50s. light showers. >> today marks the first sunday mass since the pope announced he will resign later this month. kron 4's mike pelton caught up with church-goers and shows us why some feel catholic leaders will definitely *not choose an american as the new head of the church. >> inside st. mary's county chora and normally, we'd all the
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traditional role of the pope cut inside st. mary's cathedral. they are still talking about the decision to resign. >> a was a little stunt. both old age at decline itself. i was a little stunt. and it is very hard to be a leader most people know how to criticize leaders but they got it to have to make the ethical and morality decisions have to suffer could we see the first pope from america? but that could be a lot shot. however, whoever is chosen will have a different set of expectations the but you know, it is the 21st century. so they should set a precedent. for the future
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popes. they should have got to their job. mike pelton, kron 4 news. there are growing questions about president obama's new cabinet. many of the president's key nominees are sitting in limbo. and the clock is ticking on a number of critical issues. jessica yellin breaks down all the nominees and what's stopping them from taking office. how the future of the nomination ends. cia director, defense secretary, treasurer secretary at the most attention it is the choice for defense. hagel. but is it true that you are a great? he already lost one vote at the senate at his next chance one senator
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mccain said there is a lot of ill will and the cia would of his most trusted pfizer's. what of the republicans said that he would hold of the reformation and above the use of drove to the united states. there has never be a probe of the american the soil. however, there could have something else about the talking points with the attack and benghazi was sparked by protest. we are going to find out who changed those talking points. >> treasury confirmation was bad to be smooth sailing about the republicans say that they plan ought slowing
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it down over questions from his work at citigroup and the overhaul in medicare preble i believe that his obligation to should not go forward until we get a response from white house with regard to pedicure trigger. they say that the medicare-trigger--the want to get more active clarification before his confirmation. the backup lead splittin .
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly.the motorcycle rider in front of your screen is waiting for the light to to go around the athe ab bit of
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the 880 in the number one lane is about to use the same lane as the car to go around splitting, and to many drivers. they believe that >> lane splitting also known as riding in between vehicles if two vehicles are riding side by side in paralle lanes a motorcycle can lane split in between the now what i find interesting is apparently even some motorcycle riders are not because while watching the actions of riders many had the opportunity to lane split but did not maybe it was because i was of the hawward office of the california patrol so why is a people behaving actually behaving bady, well there are some things that people are doing that make riding unsafe the things that make it illegal are if they are doing it at an excess of speed meaning if it's a sixty mph zone and there absolutly that's illegal and they have another rule the chp doesn't recommend
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that motorcyclist split lanes of traffic if traffic is traveling 40 miles an and there is advice for people in cars now that you know that lane splitting is some motorist actually try to impead or prevent >> california ia the only state that allows lane splitting if done in a safe manner californa highway patrol stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at m if you have a comment or >> bart riders. prepare to pay you why a train ticket could cost you more. >> the world's top bicyclists are gearing up to race across the state. we'll run down how they're preparing to compete here in the bay area. plus.the dreaded word in dc - is sequestration. why it may be the last resort to reducing the deficit. news at 8.
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bob the abov the above bart fees may be going up. in order to maintain trains and their operating costs. no choice. withkron 4's alicia reid explains the possible price coming up with enough money for their bart fare is tough soon have to dig even deeper in their pockets. bart officials say they need to add revenue in order to cover operating and maintenance costs. and since fares cover over 70 percent of bart's operating expenses, it will fall on riders. the plan is to raise fares 5.2% next yearso the average fare would jump from $3.44 to $3.62. then every 2 years after that it will increase 3.9%. by 2021, barts cash flow will be about 325 million dollars. this will be addressed bit of bad people been people will just not be able to
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get a round trip financially. >> the plan is to raise this by 5.2% next year. it would be $3.40 pour cents, $3.62. hthrew out445 >> if they use that for a good cause i would use that. and for the bay to that spot for the upper level management celery i would not agree? >> this will be addressed thursday morning at a public hearing in oakland. their, approval of these fees by the board of directors may meeting. reporting from the powell street bart alecia reid kron 4 news. the stages are set for the amgen bicycle tour of california. the worlds top bicyclists against each other over eight days.
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the race kicks off in southern california on may twelfth. kron4's charles clifford bay area portion of the route. the 2013 tour of california has 8 stages. the race starts in southern california and the last three stages take place here in the bay area. let's look at google earth map of those three routes. stage 6, which is actually a north of morgan hill on the morning of friday may 17th. from the startline riders will venture out into the country side passing by the cinnabar golf course and chesbro reservoir. then they turn back north and finish this 20 mile leg with a climb up metacalf road. on saturday morning, stage 7 starts in livermore. bikers will pedal north into the sprawling hills of east contra costa county. then they turn east towards the small town of byron before
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looping back south towards livermore. then, they face challenging climb of the entire tour. to finish this make their way up mt diablo road to the 3800 foot summit finally, stage 8, the final leg of the tour, begins in san francisco on the morning golden gate bridge will be temporarily closed down as riders head north across the bridge. from there, the race coast. riders then head up beach and marin county. then the they turn east into the a hip
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also the bay to breakers will also be goinhig on ...expect traffic. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. if the above jackie sissel was a little but of a set of busineess robberies. >> it is great that he got caught. >> in santa cruz, scott rates, kron 4 news. >> that seabury has been pressing that cold air into the air bay tonight. san
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francisco, 50 degrees. isn't currently half moon bay just 43 degrees. the cooler weather is going to be the theme. the air is going to be coming to california for this week and it is really going to be a big change reporting live to the san mateo bridge, we see some mostly cloudy conditions. with high costs for the afternoon and some breaks of sunshine. it is going to be breezy. with high clouds-and for the afternoon, temperatures will be slow levels at 1,500 ft.. snow levels at 1,500 ft.. notice, we are seeing just tens of the readings of the 50s. and for tuesday, the core of that arctic air. more on that, coming up.
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>> it's been crazy couple of days in central russia. people are still picking up the pieces from the meteor strike that rocked the country and drew the attention of the world. the explosion injured more than one-thousand people. clean up crews are scrambling to sweep up the broken glass and patch the windows that were shattered in the blast. the plan is to have things back to normal by the time school starts. c-n-n's phil black is in russia and checked in with one of the schools damaged by the meteor blast. this small siberian village is usually a quiet place. one thousand people living just south of the city of chelyabinsk. but on friday morning they like everyone in the region were shocked by what they saw. an intense light. followed by a trail of smoke across the sky. kindergarten worker olga matveeva says the 20 children who were in this room ran to the windows when they saw the light. but she felt something was wrong and moved them away. she says she was still
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facing the windows when the meteor's shockwave hit. as the windows blew in, flying glass cut olga's face and hands. she says she didn't notice because she was worried about the children. most were safe but terrified. but one was bleeding heavily. three year old sasha suffered deep cuts to her head and face. her mother marina ivanovna ran to the kindergarten after she heard the blast. >> "i was shaking," she says. >> "i grabbed her and started to calm her down. a lot of kids were crying too." ksenia zarkina was also in the room that morning. she wasn't hurt physically by the blast. but her mother says she's traumatized. she's been too afraid to stand next to windows and she keeps asking if the glass is going to break again. ekaterina galuza says
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she understands what the children of this village are feeling. she says the blast was so terrifying it rekindled her own childhood memories from the second world war. most of the visible damage to the buildings and people of this region can be easily repaired. but the meteor's impact on some will take longer to heal. phil black, cnn, near chelyabinsk, russia. a new phrase flying around on capitol hill. sequestration. shelby lin explains what that means and why some are calling it a dreaded last resort to reducing our nations deficit. markers mark bourbon is backtracking after a change they made in the bottle left their consumers demanding more. alcohol, that is! we explain! high fashion and high tech electronics go hand in hand during new york's fashion week. we are talking about the
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cuts just to be realistic, we are getting larger cuts to families. >> this could be furloughs for over 2 million people. this could have a drastic impact on military families and this sequester is coming >> we are here because the president refused t st cut spending. the york democrat feels confident that with this will be packed with a finding that balance is a solution that has not helped >> baker's bar baker saimaker'sk
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bourbon won't dilute!
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online1 be watered down after all. on sunday, the liquor maker its decision to add water to its bourbon. the move was to help keep up with global demand. but, after hearing the outrage, maker's mark said on monday-- it will resume full-strength bourbon production. wahl line >> a huge security flaw has been discovered in the i- phone. hamas have >> if you have liked this weather? 60s but cooler this week.
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>> huge security flaw has been discovered with the iphone. a hacker discovered that anyone can get around the lock screen on the i- phone 5. and they posted a video on youtube showing people how to do it. slate has more. this is for the iphone 5 6.1 operating system that was released in jan 2013 this however, can easily bypass the security code and the photo gallery is accessable and the steps are 8 easy steps on youtube.
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it is tricky but can be done... this involves making emergency calls. that would be bad. they are aware and they take this very seriously and are working on an update that will fix this. >> fashion week is just starting in europe as it comes to a close in new york. laurie segall gives us a closer look at some cutting- edge futuristic fashion. here at fashion week, you'll see the latest fashion hitting the runways, but what you haven't seen is high-tech fashion of the future
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(music) that's asher levine.he's legend to lady gaga. but unlike most designers, this 24-year old fashion wiz is sending "tech" down the runway. >> this is the computer chip that we've embedded in our premium jackets his fall collection: a smartphone connected clothing line. >> how many of you have lost your gloves, it'll be embedded in our gloves the chip connects with a tracker app on your smartphone >> what we thought to do is to embed it in the items you might lose or left behind or those really important items. >> as you walk away, this is your proximity meter. you're close and then it will go into yellow and orange, and then it will beep if you walked too far away. >> so i've got my smartphone and i can find my gloves using my smartphone essentially >> yes, and if you can't find your phone you can press a button on your gloves and your phone will automatically ring
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for levine, this technology, a collaboration with a blue tooth focused company called phone halo, represents the next frontier of fashion. >> technology, i think, has fashion. socks, breathable material. system isn't what's next. >> it hasn't been done before, so what we do a lot partnerships with different technology firms where we kind of sit around the table and we go what are we going to do. that's what levine did last season in another feat combining tech and fashion: he teamed up with 3-d printing company makerbot, which allows you to print 3- d designs at home. the outcome? printable clothing. >> i thought why not be able to download a piece, or download something, so what we thought of would be like sunglasses next, levine's line also experiments with fabric. >> we incorporate innovation whether it's a partnership with a tech company or innovation of our own materials. >> like this is actually a this so if high-tech is the fashion of the future, what does a levine line down the road look like? perhaps a weather reading >> maybe the next one is we
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have that device talk to communicate some sort of air chambers. so you have a device that reads the outside temperature and when you go outside, it automatically inflate to the ideal level temperature at its optimum. (fashion runway cheers) femme matos:regina for tomorrow. have been matos cold readings for tomorrow off. nfl of those cold reliefs for tomorro fifth thoses for tomorrow. clear over
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california. the core of this system is right around. it is over california for snowfall. this gray is indicating low level on tuesday and winter travel in the sierrras and future cast showing mostly cloudy
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for the night time hours and some showers before sunrise. from 8:00 a.m.- noon, moderate. steady rain fall to more showers on/off with the blue to the mountains and even the snowfall. the snowfall possible with at least by seven teen highway thverse 17 and also, we are going to see some cold weather. with temperatures look for 30's in the north bay. the highs for the afternoon just in the mid-50s. your kron 4 7 day around the bay wednesday, after that rainfall is over, clear, cool, windy.
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>> racecar driver danica patrick scores a record making day. coming up, we'll show you what she did to earn her way into nascar history.
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>> this weekend's box office action and comedy beat romance at the movies on valentine's day weekend. "a good day to die hard" topped the box office, with 25 million dollars in ticket sales. the film is the fifth installment in the "die hard" franchise. "identity thief," starring
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melissa mccarthy and jason bateman, came in second, pulling in 23-point-4 million dollars. and "safe haven," based on the novel by nicholas sparks, rounded out the top three, with 21-point-4 million dollars in ticket sales. the golden state warriors are off to one of the best starts in franchise history. their first all-star since 1997. david lee. tonight lee lined up with all-stars to duke it out with the east. it was a close game until the someones stepped it up in some quarter. eventually winning 000-to-000. david lee chipped in where he could. finishing with 0 points and 0 rebounds. lebron james came away with and doing other stuff. race car driver danica patrick is making nascar earlier today she became the first woman to win the pole position for the daytona 500. this means that she will start in the front row on february 24th alongside jeff gordon. the rest of the drivers will participate in two for thursday. to find out what
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positions they willthis is what patrick had to say about her record breaking day. >> in the moment it's about thinking about what i need to do for next sunday and trying to make some more history. >> this is patrick's first full year as a nascar sprint cup driver. last year she made ten sprint cup starts. >> president obama polished his golf game today with one of the best-- tiger woods. this is file video of a president's previous golf outing. obama is spending the president's day weekend at a resort in palm city, florida. the president met with woods in april 2009, when the legendary athlete visited the white house. tomorrow, a bit cooler. tuesday much " 40's and grateful.
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>> that is it we will see you. 11 well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good.
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